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Dear all LOVELY friends
"We offer you a fun learning
We offer you an exciting programme
We offer you an adventure challenge
We offer you a feeling relaxing mind
We LOVE everyone. We can see your beauty
We can hear your need. We can feel your feelings!
We all have differences. We APPRECIATE the differences
Our wisdom flows from the great nature
We respect the great nature in you
We are highly welcome you here"
Let us Have FUN together
"Sesungguhnya ini benar-benar pemberian KAMI
yang tidak ada baginya sebarang penghabisan"
{surah Sad 38:54}
smart people choose adventure
..Teambuilding Malaysia Adventure
"kami membantu syarikat swasta atau kerajaan
universiti atau kolej, pegawai atau peserta
menjalin hubungan mesra dan gembira sambil LALALA
membina terapi endorfin membunuh stereoid berlebihan
akibat tekanan kerja melampau
dengan merealisasika dan menzahirkan
empat asas unsur insani secara semulajadi
yang dirumuskan di dalam model pembentukan pasukan
dan digariskan melalui panduan
7 prinsip Kejayaan Kehidupan Alquran dan Sunnah"
Jurulatih Rekreasi Kebangsaan (Outdoor Coach)
Professional Learning Facilitator (PLF Mastery)
..Teambuilding Irwan Md Azahar
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Teambuilding Malaysia Adventure
Our YOUTUBE Profile
Profil Teambuilding Adventure with Ikbal Salam & Associates
Teambuilding Adventure also known as Teambuilding Malaysia Adventure. Our profile with Ikbal Salam & Associates was one of the great moment to be review
Directed by : Teambuilding Irwan Md Azahar
Starring : Company Of Ikbal Salam & Associates
Ikbal Salam & Associates Johor Bahru
Facilitator, coach and crew of Teambuilding Malaysia Adventure
TEAMBUILDING ADVENTURE was a Training and Event Company establised on the 9th Of Mei 2008. The Company also was known as Teambuilding Malaysia Adventure was registered under Act Of Company 1956. Registered with Ministry Of Finance (MOF) with Certificate Number K22164357981527589 and Registration Reference Number 357-02246838 with validity from 04 November 2015 until 03 November 2018. Majority of our coach are certified outdoor recreational coach registered under Ministry Of Youth And Sports and also certified facilitator from Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF)
With a team of experienced outdoor trainers SINCE 1997, TEAMBUILDING ADVENTURE turned into a full fledged outdoor training consultancy and providing a training such as Corporate Teambuilding Malaysia, Entrepreneurial Teambuilding, Corporate War Games Paintball, Paintball Tournament, Paintball Games Activities, Walkhunt City KL SENTRAL to KLCC, WalkHunt City Penang, WalkHunt City Cameron Highlands, Treasure Hunts, Jungle Trekking, Jungle Survival, Mount Kinabalu Adventure, Kalapathar Everest, Explorace Fun, White Water Rafting, Canoeing Expedition, Abseiling Waterfall, White Water Tubing, Water Rescue Mission, 4wd Adventure, energetic morning exercises and all sports and adventure's activities.
Started out as an Inbound Service Operator, TEAMBUILDING ADVENTURE providing a Teambuilding Training for a list of corporate sector, goverment agencies, learning institutions and expanded all over the world.
We are focusing on four basic human elements such as Teamwork Attitude (TA), Spiritual Attitude (SA), Health Attitude (HA) and Fun Attitude (FA). Each of our focusing elements had a great explaination article prepared. A lot of our module are waiting to be share with our clients. Our modue or MILO (Module Input Learning Outcomes) comes out with vary like TEAM Adventure Module for Motivational Course, Corporate Teambuilding and Entrepreneurial Teambuilding Course, LETS Adventure Module, ISLAND Adventure Module, White WATER Adventure Module, SURVIVAL Adventure Module, VOICE Leadership for Leadership Skills Course, HEART Communication for Communication Skills Course, OTAK Adventure for Cognitive Behaviour Course and Potential Human Development Course, LADIES Module and others such as team direction, team conflicts, team understanding, team performances, team synergy, brainstorming session, leisure trip adventure and discussion session

Facilitator & Coach's Profile - Irwan Md Azahar
Directive Communication (DC) Pscychology Trainer
Uitemate Training Course Certified By Society Of Water Rescue And Survival Research Japan
Scuba Diving Rescue Training Course Certificate By JPA3
Basic Trauma Life Support (BTLS) Certificate By JPA3
Irwan Md Azahar or Teambuilding Irwan Md Azahar is the founder, manager and coach of Teambuilding Adventure. As known as ALLON among in training area, he started from conducting a learning institutions including ordinary school, private and international school such Sekolah Sri Cempaka SDN BHD. Teambuilding Program of Kolej Komuniti Langkawi for the Student and Staff, Staff of Kolej Komuniti Bandar Penawar, Kolej Komuniti Pasir Salak and Kolej Komuniti Kota Tinggi was the experience successfully programme trained by Irwan and his team in teambuilding program.

Teambuilding Irwan Md Azahar was a hands-on experience person as a coach, trainer, facilitator and moderator for teambuilding corporate training for various industries such as Non Govermental Organization (NGO), Kementerian Pembangunan Luar Bandar (KPLB), Jabatan Siasatan Jenayah Komersil (JSJK), Kementerian Pertahanan Malaysia, Lembaga Kemajuan Ikan Malaysia (LKIM), Atomic energy Licensing Board (AELB), Telekom Research And Development (RND), Ikbal Salam And Associates (3 years training), Bank Rakyat (6 years training), National Occupational Safety And Health or NIOSH (6 years training), Malayan Banking Berhad, Perbadanan Bank Simpanan Nasional, Malacca’s Security SDN BHD, Intel Penang For City Treasure WalkHunt, Kumpulan Primanova, Musa Travel And Tours SDN BHD, Shell for corporate teambuilding and weekly routine morning exercise at Shah Alam’s Shell Training Headquarters, Perodua Manufacturing Sdn Bhd, Caltex Oil Malaysia Limited, Prudential Assurance SDN BHD handling for teambuilding agent at Janda Baik and handling an explorace game for Top Management In Penang, Johson Baby And Johnson SDN BHD, Risda Semaian SDN BHD, Ships Classification Malaysia (SCM) and many more. Some of the international organization like DHL Express SDN BHD, Nes Global SDN BHD and many more has also undergone in his teambuilding programs since 2002.

Besides that, Irwan also was crew and alumni of Successful Mentor And Coach No.1 in Asia, Dr Azizan Osman. Until now he had done Intensive Mentor Kejayaan Kekayaan Course (IMKK), Intensive Jutawan Industries Course (IJI) and Advanced Marketing Power (AMP). Teambuilding Irwan Md Azahar once also become a Trainer Of Program Latihan Khidmat Negara (PLKN) trained under Train The Trainer Intensive Course at Kem Masjid Tanah Melaka

Teambuilding Irwan Md Azahar also highly cooperate with the main tour operator of Taman Negara Endau Rompin where had organized adventure, survival and teambuilding programs. In some resort area, Irwan was a Head of Trainers at Banjaran Sedayu River Camp and Sukabumi Kendong Resort at Melaka.

For the past 3 years, Teambuilding Irwan Md Azahar also experience as a Tour Leader conducting field trips and incentive groups and family day such as Shimba SDN BHD at Taman Negara Pahang and Nehemiah SDN BHD at Pulau Perhentian Awana Resort. He also a TimeShare Membership Of A Golden Horses Palace Berhad located at Seri Kembangan

Teambuilding Irwan Md Azahar’s personal skills includes managing, planning and customizing activities like corporate teambuilding, corporate games, treasure hunt, outdoor programs such as mobile obstacles courses, high and low ropes, rafting, jungle survival program, raft building (also mobile), paintball wargames and leadership training. Another extra program is Auto and 4 x 4 Treasure Hunt, Walking Treasurehunt, Orienteering Treasure Hunt with special themes like CSI Crime Scene and added flavor of localized fear factor tasks. The adventure program includes white water rafting, white water tubing, 4 x 4 Off Road experience,  canyonning and water abseiling, jungle survivaland so many

Teambuilding Irwan Md Azahar also had extensive experienced certified in a various course of training such as Understanding Of ISO / TS 16949 2002, Advanced Product Quality Planning & Control Plan, Kepimpinan Rekreasi Luar in Year 1999, Kem Penggerak Rekreasi Luar IPT Kebangsaan, JBSN Pemimpin Rekreasi Luar Level I in Year 2002, Pemimpin Rekreasi Luar Level II , Intensive Rescue Scuba Diving Training under Jabatan Pertahanan Awam (JPA3), Urban First Aid Course under JPA3 and Basic Trauma Life Support also under Jabatan Pertahanan Awam (JPA3). With trained under a few coach of dancer, Irwan was also a very versatile coach of Senam Tari.

Teambuilding Irwan Md Azahar together with his team, presently under his expert guidance is turning the company into a very versatile and fully equipped mobile teambuilding unit able to handle at least four teambuilding programs at four different locations simultaneously both for East and West Malaysia.

Teambuilding Irwan Md Azahar had registered callsign named PR-IMA, he involved with Persatuan Radio Amateur Selangor (PRADAS) to develop and connected more sosial community around Semenanjung Malaysia includes Sabah and Sarawak

Thousands of people have gained from his varied practical experiences and having a better lives because of his commitment and enthusiasm in sharing and caring a ROLE MODEL OF TEAMBUILDING and THE 7 BEHAVIOUR OUTDOOR BEST PRACTISES .

As a Teambuilding Expert Specialist, Teambuilding Irwan Md Azahar used his experienced to spread and shared the knowledge in any motivational workshop. Based on his research of Science and Alquran (a famous muslim’s guideline book), vast experienced and cooperate from the Experties People and Society, he believed his famous module of THE 7 BEHAVIOUR OUTDOOR BEST PRACTISES was the best suitable rules or principal that can easily apply to any individual or organizations. He also had come out a lot of real technique on how to manage our life better, mindfulness cognitive behavior, human potential development, leadership skills, communications development and self values. He also had extensive proficiency in operations management,with emphasis on restructuring, policy and procedure development
Facilitator - Leadership 21st Century
PhD In Strategic Management, Master of Science (MSc) from MARA University of Technology Malaysia (2001), BA (Hons) in Social Science from National University of Malaysia in 1987, Certificate in Personnel Management from Institute of Personnel Management Malaysia, Train of Trainer Certificate from Casey Institute of Technology, Australia, Certified Trainer ISO 9000 Auditor

Mastura Mohamad, is a highly innovative, result oriented and dynamic personnel with 26years working experience in public and private sectors, high level government agencies and institution of Higher learning in Malaysia, Indonesia and the Middle East. She was involved in strategy formulation, policy and corporate development for Malaysia, government plans, advisory, knowledge and research [rogramms in the Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC Malaysia).

She was MDC (MDec) Head of Knowledge Management and Business Intelligence, carrying out her portfolio as government advisor and thin thank on global ICT issues and development, ICT progress development in Malaysia, conduct intelligence and knowledge input for former Prime Minister Of Malaysia, His Hon TunDr Mahathir Mohamed, Minister Of Science, Technology and innovation, Cabinet Ministers and the Parliament of Malaysia.

She was trained in Strategic Intelligence and as Global Manager by USA based organizations for special programmes change management while working with MDC and MIMOS Berhad.

She also lectures in Malaysia, Indonesia and United Arab Emirates in management and leadership programmes. One of her strongest ability is to translate business solutions and ideas into strategic initiatives. Her illustrious career brought her to the United Arab Emirates in 2008 where she was involved in the education industry, assisting UAE capacity building program, sharing Malaysia’s experience with the Arab world.

Local Standing Achievements – The Pioneer and Leader
1) One of the leading Knowledge Management Practitioners In Malaysia. Founder of KM Association of Malaysia and Global KM Forum. Trained by the global KM guru by Karl Eric Sveiby and training by other global thinkers and pioneers of KM, Leif Edvinsson, Dr Goral Roos, Dr Ken Standfield and Dr Nick Bontis
2) A qualified Black Beiter under Six Sigma trained by OD Management, USA for Hong Leong Group Malaysia. Have attended more than 200 training programmes from 1990 – 2010 and trained more than 600 participants since 1993 to date
3) Lead Hong Leong Malaysia to be a among first 10 companies in Malaysia awarded Pioneer ATP Grant by Human Resource Development Council, Ministry Of Human Resource, Malaysia in 1993 and Malaysia National Productivity Annual QCC Convention
International Standing Achievements
1)   President of Malaysia Business Council Abu Dhabi, UAE
2)  Lead Alkhawarizmi International College Abu Dhabi, UAE to become University status
3)   Lead Research and BBA programs at Al Khawarizmi International University
4)   Best Lecturer at Abu Dhabi University (2009)
5)   Lead TQM and QCC activities at Darwish Group, Abu Dhabi
6)   Paper presentation in International Conferences
7)   Business Diplomatic and networking with International Business Council members in UAE
8)   Business Matching for Malaysia companies with UAE, Oman and Saudi companies
9)   Support Malaysia companies to open branches and international business in UAE
10) Lead LEG Group Malaysia to be recognized and approved by Ministries of Higher Education in UAE, Bahrain and Oman

Expertise and Roles Responsibilities Areas

1)      Education – Leadership and Management

a) Assist in hiring, evaluation and support program for faculty teaching in the concentration courses
b)  Provide nessary subject-related guidance to the lecturers teaching their courses
c)  Approve course plans and verify their full implementation
d)  Approve the grade scale & students marks
e)  Identify, approve and acquire all the teaching material for concentration courses
f)  Audit / moderate and approve all the assessments for he concentration courses
g) Audit course folders for their course
h) Deprive students from their courses if the absences exceed the 40% limit
i) Collect, compile and present the recommendations in the course review meeting, to improve the syllabus of their courses
j) Conduct lectures in all Management and Leadership programmes

2)      Corporate Development and Human Capital Development

a) Business establishments, matching and market development for many Malaysia companies especially in Middle East markets
b) Developed and organized corporate initiatives to align individual competencies to business objectives, restructured corporate objectives and strategies and align Strategic Business Units to the Vision, Mission and objectives
c)  Conducted programmes on goal and role clarity for Business units, formulated and developed the Organisational Development Plan, Corporate Plan, HR Master Plan and Human Resource Development Master Plan
d)  Developed TQM Manual and Customer Service Manual for Startegic Business Units and conducted Quarterly Business Review for Corporate Development
e)  Conducted Annual Training Plan, TNA/TNI, develop on-the-job, hard skills and soft skills training programmes for all levels of staff
f) Implemented and coordinated training plans, manage training records and materials
g) Developed succession planning and career development programme, conduct training evaluation, measuring KPI, Balanced Score Card, ISO Audit Team
h) Formulated and Implemented Training Policy and Manual in line with The Group Training Policy and ISO 9002 Certification
i) Prepared and managed annual budget for HR Department and the Training Centre
Written Articles And Research   
1. Historical Perspective of The Arab World : Business Development of Dubai from Bedouin Life to an Emerging City, August 2010
2. Role of Human Capital leadership in Today’s and Future Organizations, August 2010
3.  Online Training – The Implementation in Abu Dhabi Police, February 2009
4.  Globalisation after 20 years, June 2009
5.  Labour Exploitation in the UAE, August 2009
6.  Strategic Issues in Quality Management Implementation and its impact in the UAE Tourism Industry, June 2011
7.  International Business Policy of International Company in Abu Dhabi, November 2010


Facilitator - Specialist On Business Analysis
SMP, KAT Psc B.Sc.Hon (E.A.R.O) Kingston University, U.K
M.Sc. (Aero-AFM) University Of Canfield United Kingdom
C.E.O SME Aviation SDN BHD

Mohamed Tarmizi Ahmad was a ex-pilot in Air Force Academy since 1972-1994. He gain for 25 years experience in aeronautical engineering area.

He was seconded to the University of Technology Malaysia from 1983 until 1998. 

He has more than 15years experience as a trainer, lecturer and motivator. He also has vast experience in areas of management and leadership.

Until now, as a Professor Madya, he teach and share his knowledge in aeronautical engineering area to all student of Universiti Pertanian Malaysia (UPM)

Trainer - Specialist On First Aider
Mr Noramin Bin Saharuddin
Mr Noramin or Amin was coming from background those family outdoor. From here, he become the most active person as a Captain and Team Leader in School Cadet Adolescent. After done his Malaysian Certificate Lesson, he worked with Persatuan Pekerja Professional Filem Malaysia (PROFIMA) for 8 years. At PROFIMA he become a stunt crew, safety and rigger crew. He started with Fear Factor movie in year 2005. In year 2006, he was part of the safety, stunt and rigger crew in Amazing Race.
Then he active in movie such as movie akhirat (2006), movie susuk (2006), movie cuci (2007), movie rasuk (2009), movie kecoh betul (2009), movie misteri jalan lama (2009), teater cuci-cuci the musical (2009), movie hantu kak limah pulang rumah (2009), movie mantra (2010), movie kongsi (2010), movie jungle child from jerman (2010), movie vikindom (2012) dan movie kerat 14 (2012)    
Amin was involved active as officer volunteer in many organisation such as Observer Malaysian Red Crescent, National Youth camp 2013 and Humanitarian Flood Relief Operation In Terengganu 2013. He also was a ambulance driver and always become a medic on standby
As an expect in medic area, he involved actively in EMS Services (Emergency Medical Services). He once become a medic standby 25th World Gas Conference 2012, standby medic MTV World Stage 2012 and 2013 and become a standby medic on WTF Taekwondo Tournament Malaysia 2013
Facilitator - Specialist On Module Development
Mr Ahmad Riza Bin Abd Hamid
Mr Ahmad Riza has more than 10 years experience in strategic and operational managing human resources. He started his career with Electronics Manufacturing Industry in Pulau Pinang’s FTZ Bayan Lepas in year 1977 until 1989. Started as a Production Supervisor at Intel Malaysia then he moved on to Motorola Malaysia, Siemens Litronix and Hewlett Packard Malaysia.
At Hewlett Packard, he switched to become Human Resource Executive in the Administrative Services Department From 1989 to 1996, he was employed in the Publishing Industry as an Editor, Translator and Managing Editor at Pustaka Cipta Sdn Bhd (textbook contractor for secondary schools, mazagine producer for DBP and Tourism Ministry) and Amiza Publishing Sdn Bhd. While at Pustaka Cipta, he became member of Persatuan Penterjemah Malaysia. From 1996 to 2000, he was in the Computer Training Industry as a Facilitator / Center Manager for a Canadian Franchise (Academy of Learning) which has a joint ventureship with Yayasan Basmi Kemiskinan Selangor. He worked with national and multinational companies.
He trains both private and public sector in the area of Human Resources Management, Industrial Relations, Module, Supervisory Skills, Customer Service and Teambuilding. Ahmad Riza expert in writing and always come out with any new module suit with his skills as a thinker person and become a most great think-tank in Teambuilding Adventure

Trainer - Rope & Climbing Expect - Mr Azhar Ali
Mr Azhar Ali had been involved actively with teambuilding program particularly on outdoor activities and obstacle with several organization. Holding a Bachelor of Business Administration BBA with honours from University Utara Malaysia, Sintok Kedah, he had served both private and government agencies
He started his career with Jag Advertising Sdn Bhd, Kuala Lumpur as a Advertising Executive for only one year in year 1997. Then, he become an instructor trainer and facilitator in Outward Bound Malaysia, Lumut Perak since October 1998 until September 2006. Experienced for 8 years in outdoor, he had trained under Outbound School Of South Africa for 3 month
In year 2007, he become a Recreation manager in Teluk Dalam Resort at pangkor Island Perak. He also experienced as a mobile instructor in Nomad Adventure and River Bug Adventure conducting a white water rafting course
In February 2010 until September 2010, Azhar was a Recreation Manager at Belum Rainforest Resort located at Banding, Gerik Perak. From December 2010 until may 2011, he was a Assistant Recreation Manager of Swiss Garden Golf Resort & Spa Damai Laut, Teluk Senangin Lumut, Perak Darul Ridzuan. Now with all the experienced, he served well in teambuilding industries together. Mr Azhar so expect in sense of outdoor gears. He had built the longest flying fox in Asia
Trainer - 4wd Specialist - Tan Shafry
Mr Tan Shafry is a trainer for 4 wheel drive off road driving for basic and advance training. His experience includes conducting field trips and incentive groups and family day for his company’s customers since 1991.  Some of the customers includes SIRIM, Chartered Bank, Maxis, Agilent Technologies, Freescale, Raffles Institution Singapore and many more. Many of the international organization like Digi Telecommunication, KPMG, Pricewaterhouse Coopers, Ernst & Young, DHL, MISC etc has undergone many of his team building programs.
He has been the main tour operator to Taman Negara Endau Rompin where he organized adventure, survival and team building programs.   Mr. Tan’s personal skills includes planning and customizing activities like treasure hunt, corporate games, out door programs such as mobile obstacles courses, high and low ropes, rafting, jungle survival program, raft building (also mobile), paintball wargames, communication, internet web programming and leadership training. 
He has successfully tied up with many major hotels in Malaysia for customized team building programs. Due to the differences in star ratings, environment and the structure of the hotel buildings, his planners will visit the individual hotels prior to commencement of event. Besides normal corporate team building he also does students team building program, company incentive group blended with some team building activities, jungle survival  and adventure programs. The adventure program includes white water rafting, white water tubing, 4 x 4 Off Road experience,  canyonning also known as water abseiling etc.Thousands of people have gained from his varied practical experiences and lives are changed because of his commitment and enthusiasm to “Make a Difference in People’s Lives”
Facilitator's Profile - Mr Sharif Ahmed
He was served in Perusahaan Otomobil Nasional Berhad (PROTON) as an executive in year 1991. He provided training in manufacturing process, cost decision making, stock management and shecduling a quality and delivering to a vendor of PROTON. In year 1994, he served as a engineering consultant at Perbadanan Usahawan nasional Berhad (PUNB). He provided a training to all entrepeneur about how to build up a factory, interviewed a staff workers, buying a heavy machine, company structured, management skills. In year 1997, he started form a company of layang Adventure. The company was also providing a training to entrepreneur, company manager, supervisor, staff and a motivation training.
Outdoor Trainer Specialist - Abd Firdhaus Abd Rahman
Abd Firdhaus always encourage people with full energetic and creative way in handling in outdoor activities
He was a facilitator and trainer at Jabatan Belia Dan Sukan Negeri Perak and Majlis Sukan Negeri Perak
Once, Abd Firdhaus was a physical instructor for National Services PLKN at Kem Ayer Keroh Malacca 
Chief Trainer - Survival Expert
Suhaihisam Mohd Saufi
Mr Suhaihisam was known as Shae among his friends. He was a youngest Comander and a Leader Of  Pengakap Kelana Laut in year 1989 at Daerah Besut Terengganu.He leads and trained all people in scout and holds a Honour Of Manikayu In Scout at Level I, II, III and IV for Pengakap Kelana Muda Dan Remaja

In year 1993, he was a founder and advisor of Kelab Rekreasi Uitm or KRESMA at University Teknology Mara (UiTM) Shah Alam. Mr Suhahisam shared his experts to members of KRESMA in training and conducting a survival camp at recreational level . He was also a Commander Of Kesatria or Commander Officer Uitm in year 1994. He trained well to all members of Kesatria and Commander Of Kesatria for a 3 years
In year 1996, he become a National Instructor and holding a certificate of National Recreation Instructor at Level 3. From there, he was an expert instructor for a few company such as Paximej, Infotech and so many. He also a qualified freelancer instructor for Tentera laut Diraja Malaysia and Akademi Tentera Malaysia. He also provided and trained all people to get certified in Recreational Instructor at Level 1 and Level 2 in all over Malaysia including Sabah and Sarawak
Suhaihisam together with his closed friends such as Mr Fauzan Hj Hassan, Zainuddin Bin Lot aka Deeno, Muhammad Illaham and many more was a succesfull trainer of Everest and Kalapathhar Mountain. Mr Suhaihisam was highly expert in survival either jungle or sea area. He knows well any kind of flora and fauna in the jungle. Once, mr Suhaihisam experience a real great survival at open sea. Because of that he is the only person had a very good sensitivity in safety environment

Trainer's Life Saving Specialist
Muhammad Eskandar Bin Zaukepli
Muhammad Eskandar was a swimming instructor specialist. He was a crew of teambuilding adventure since 2011. Holding a Diploma In Tourism Management, he served well in any outdoor activities area either in land base area or water base area

Trainer's Life Saving Specialist
Muhammad Akmal Bin Idris
Muhammad Akmal was a swimming instructor specialist. He was a crew of teambuilding adventure since 2011. He had vast experience as a life guard in klang valley area. Holding a Diploma In Tourism Management, he served well in any outdoor activities area either in land base area or water base area
Facilitator - Communication Expect
Rosilawati Binti Haji Salikon
Rosilawati or synonim with sheila was experienced for more than 17 years in event management, training, public relations and marketing. She was formerly the Assistant General Manager of Tanjung Jara Beach Resort, Terengganu back in 1993 untill 1996 and a Managing Director of Info Tech & Training Consultant Sdn Bhd in 1997 till 2002.
Rosilawati or Sheila has vast experience in the fields of Event Management and Media Relations. She used to be on air with Dato' Dr Fadhilah Kamsah and Dato' Dr Masitah in Selamat Pagi Malaysia (TV1) shows, Malaysia Hari Ini, Bincang Petang in (TV3) shows and also Radio Malaysia Selangor. Rosilawati also had interviewed in women issues, entrepreneur, personality in paper and women magazines
Rosilawati was an expert professional person in conducting more than 100 program in teambuilding area. With experienced as a moderator and host in Tv Memo, she was a very principle women to say that self confident is they key to all your future achievement. Now, she was active as speaker to train all the Petronas's staff improving the communication behaviour

Trainer's Outdoor - Siti Zulaikha Othman
Siti Zulaikha graduated from University of Science Malaysia or USM with a Bachelors of Applied with Honour Environmental Biology. She was a qualified in NAUI with Advanced Liciense Scuba.
She has well trained in Intensive outdoor Training In Navigation, Sea Kayaking, High And Low Ropes, Urban First Aid, Life Saver, Safety in Outdoor at Wilderness Centre in Langkawi
Corporate Creative Art Designer - Tengku Sharikhaidhir
Creatively in designing logo, banners, buntings, signage, shop, font, billboards, backdrop, posters, flyers, brochure, greetings, pamphlets, card, teaser, sticker design, t-shirts, uniforms and other materials related
Tengku was always have a great and creative thinking. He is creatively designing corporate image in Web Design Corporate Identity (CI),
Company Profile, Anual Report, Newsletter and magazines.
Specialised in sticker label, structure design and rebranding
Puan Marlina Hamid - Outdoor Addicted
Cikpuan Yazarina Yahaya - Mount Kinabalu Specialist
Island Outdoor Expert
Puan Mariani Mahmud - Motivational Speaker
Yumi Imai - Outdoor Accountant Specialist
Cikpuan Noriza Yusoff Ali - Mountain Addicted
Annapurna Base Camp Specialist (abc camp at Nepal)
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