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7 prinsip Kejayaan Kehidupan Alquran dan Sunnah"
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Taman Negara Malaysia
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Taman  Negara  is  the  most  extensive  protected  area  of pristine, lowland, evergreen  rainforest  in Malaysia. The stated purpose of Taman Negara is "to utilise the land within the park in  perpetuity,  for the propagation, protection and preservation of indigeneous flora and fauna"
Taman Negara was established at the Titiwangsa Mountains, Malaysia, in 1938/1939 as the King George V National Park. It was renamed to Taman Negara after independence, which literally means "national park" in Malay. Taman Negara has a total area of 4,343 km² and has a reputation as the world's oldest tropical rainforest, estimated to be more than 130 million years old

Taman Negara encompasses three states, Pahang, Kelantan and Terengganu, each with its own legislation. The Taman Negara Enactment (Pahang) No. 2 of 1939 is enforced in the state of Pahang, the Taman Negara Enactment (Kelantan) No. 14 of 1938 in the state of Kelantan and the Taman Negara Enactment (Terengganu) No. 6 of 1939 in the state of Terengganu. The enactments have similar contents.

Taman Negara Pahang is the largest at 2,477 km², followed by Taman Negara Kelantan at 1,043 km² and Taman Negara Terengganu at 853 km².

The Biggest Green Spot Is Location Of Taman Negara Pahang Malaysia
Taman Negara located in the central of Peninsular Malaysia and occupying 3 states; Pahang, Terengganu and Kelantan. Pahang is the largest at 2,477 km square, followed by Kelantan at 1,043 km square and Terengganu at 853 km square. It covers estimated 4343 square kilometer of 130 years virgin tropical forest or 7 times larger than Singapore. It is about 200KM from Kuala Lumpur and 580KM from Singapore

There are 3 entrances to Taman Negara namely (1) Kuala Tahan, Jerantut, (2) Sungai Relau, Merapoh (3) Kuala Koh, Gua Musang. Kuala Tahan is the most established and popular among local and international tourists. Kuala Tahan is about 240 km from Kuala Lumpur city center or estimated 3 – 4 hours driving.

Kuala Tahan is connected by road system to and from Jerantut, Kuala Lumpur, Kuantan, Kota Bharu and Pulau Pinang. Train system, to and from Kluang, Johor and Kota Bharu, Kelantan. Boat system, to and from Kuala Tembeling to Kuala Tahan via Sungai Tembeling.

There are a few types of transportations available namely Shuttle Bus/Van, Public Transport and Self Drive. The availability of the services is subject to which city or town that you want to start your trip. Shuttle bus is the most popular method among foreign tourists while self drive by locals.

The popular route from Kuala Lumpur is via Lebuh Raya Pantai Timur. Start from Gombak head for Temerloh, exit at the Temerloh Interchange, then head for Jerantut. At the Jerantut/Maran juction take a right turn (follow the Taman Negara & Maran signs). From the junction, head for Padang Piol/ Taman Negara junction; turn left and then straight to Kuala Tahan, Taman Negara. Total estimated distance is 237 km or 3 h 13 min journey.

By Train
Kuala Tembeling - the jump off point for the park - is also accessible from Kuala Lumpur, Singapore or Kota Bharu (via Tumpat) by rail. Trains from these stations stop at Tembeling Halt, about half an hour's drive to the jetty at Kuala Tembeling.

By Boat
The staging point for visits to the park is Kuala Tembeling, from which a 3-hour boat ride upriver takes you to Kuala Tahan at 9 am and 3 pm daily, except for Fridays when the afternoon departure is at 2.30 pm. Mutiara Taman Negara Resort also operates a speedboat service that takes only 45 minutes to reach Kuala Tahan. The speedboat leaves Kuala Tembeling at 10.30 am and 1.30 pm daily. The most accessible gateway to Taman Negara is either through Jerantut, a 3-hour trip from Kuala Lumpur. If you are driving a four-wheel drive vehicle, you can take the logger trail right up to Kuala Tahan, where you need to take a boat across the Sungai Tahan (Tahan River) to enter the park.

By Bus or Taxi
Jerantut-bound taxis are available at the Puduraya Bus Terminal in Kuala Lumpur. Alternatively, buses to Jerantut are found at the Jalan Tun Razak Bus Station in Kuala Lumpur. From there, hop on a local bus or taxi to Kuala Tembeling.



About ½ hour walk or 1.2 km from Kuala Tahan or accessible by boat to Pengkalan Canopy. Hanging bridge on the tree with height above 40 m and 400m long with 9 platforms. Experience the world's longest hanging bridge / Canopy Walk-away and walks in the air for beautiful scenery of flora and fauna, tree species and bird watching. Open at 11 am to 2.45 pm everyday except on Friday 9am to 12noon. 
Leisure walking in the Jungle Trekking area
This is soft adventure, walking through undulating trails in the morning, get to know flora & fauna along the way to Canopy. Then proceed uphill to Teresek Hill and enjoy the panoramic view of Tahan Mountain (2,187M) and tree canopy covering the hills and verdant valley
It is "Night Ride" by 4x4 wheeler, drive moves along the boundary of the jungle and oil palm plantation in the night with powerful spotlight. The chances to see the animals is high coz the strong light temporary blind them and freezes them in their tracks. Animals come out at night to look for their food.
local native orang asli kaum batek
post in front of kg orang asli
visiting kg orang asli

    'shah rukh khan'  blow the pipe  

how to making a fire
Orang Asli means the Original People in Malaysian language. They lived in nomadic life stay in Taman Negara and call themselves as BATEK. Witness and try their weapon (blow-pipe=sumpit) for hunting and their simplest life style.
lets hiding first
Paintball games designed to cater games in the jungle in Kuala Tahan. Each battlefields are uniquely with forts, camps, watch towers, sandbags, guardhouse, etc..
By 4seater boat, cruise under the tree canopy along the Tahan River and a short trek to waterfall cascade. Enjoy the swimming at the cataract of Lata Berkoh and return stop at Kelah Sanctuary-breeding area.

The most challenge activities in Taman Negara, by bamboo raft with life jacket and navigator gliding down stream the Tembeling river by passing sever set of rapids, require physical fitness and good swimmer
Exciting after Rapid Shooting At Taman Negara

Boat cruise towards Trenggan river and shoot the 7 rapids, up stream of Sungai Tembeling. Wear short, T-shirt or swim suit. Be prepare to get wet. Listen to the natural rhythm of music by the orchestra group in the jungle by the insect, birds and animals.
This thrilling Real Inner Jungle is suitable for those who really love the nature – back to basic expedition. In this unique exploration, you shall experience trekking under the rainforest canopy, crossing rivers, sleeping in the observation hide, cave and at Orang Asli Settlement (the Aborigine).

Meet your nature guide at our check-in counter in Kuala Tahan. Collect your camping gears, food and drinking water, and fill up a Declaration Form for submission to the Wildlife Office. Your expedition starts once you get the approval from the Ranger.

There are three popular base camps for real inner jungle expedition – Kepayang Besar Cave, Kumbang Hide and Orang Asli Settlement. The trekking distances are from 8 km to 13 km or estimated time about 5 to 7 hours trekking. You can start trekking either from Kuala Tahan or start with boat ride to Kuala Keniam, then start trekking to the base camp, depending on your package.
Taman Negara is a fishing paradise for anglers. The popular months for fishing are during drier season in February to September. Challenge your fishing skills at selected fishing spots along Sungai Tembeling. The pristine water with all sorts of aquarium-quality fish are waiting for you.
Among the popular catches are Kelah (Red Mahseer),Patin, Baung, Gohok, Tenggalan, Lampam, Krai and Tapah. Our full time guide will be with you to make your fishing experience worth.
Experience one of the most fishing exotic spots in Malaysia along Sungai Keniam.  The fishing spots along the fascinating river are very deep in the jungle and far from human habitation. It takes you estimated 2.5 – 5 hours boat riding from Kuala Tahan.
The main attractions for anglers to go for Sungai Keniam fishing are Kelah (Malaysian Red Mahseer, greater brook carp, Tor Tambroides), Sebarau (Malaysian jungle perch, Hampala Macrolepidota) and Toman.  
The Department of Wildlife and National Parks (DWNP) established National Elephant Conservation Centre in 1989. The centre is the base for the Elephant Unit, which began the elephant translocation programme in 1974.
The only one of its kind in Malaysia, the team is dedicated to locating, subduing and then translocate problem elephants from areas where their habitats are being encroached by development. These elephants are then relocated to safer habitats including Taman Negara National Park. Over the past 30 years, this team has helped to resolve human-elephants conflicts and minimised the economic losses caused by such conflicts by relocating more than 700 wild elephants.
Visitor Timetable Elephant Sanctuary
Visitors are encouraged to participate in activities planned by NECC which start at 10.30 a.m. in the morning



10.30 am -

12.00 pm

Elephant observation along the interpretive trail.

Visitor will be able to observe the young elephant roaming freely within the secured electric fencing area.

1.00 pm & 1.30 pm

Video show

A documentary shows translocation of wild elephants to their new habitat

2.15 pm

Bathing and cleaning of elephants by mahout

The visitors will watch the elephant bath given by mahout with explanations by NECC staff.

2.45 pm - 3.15 pm

Elephant conservation talks at interpretive stage.

Visitors will be introduced to each of the elephants which include  their background and ability.

Note: Please be informed that there is no elephant rides provided in this centre.  

Video Show Elephant Sanctuary
Visitors are encouraged to appreciate video show which potrays the translocation of wild elephant from conflict area to their new habitat :



Monday - Thursday

First show       : 1.00 pm

Second show  : 1.30 pm

Third show       : 2.00 pm ( Friday only)

Saturday, Sunday and Public holidays

First show       : 12.30 pm

Second show  : 1.00 pm

Third show      : 1.30 pm

How to Get There At Elephant Sanctuary
NEEC is situated about 15 km from Lanchang town within Temerloh District, Pahang.  Visitors can take a comfortable drive to the centre where ample parking facilities are available.
Visitors are encouraged to contact the centre to facilitate arrangements if you are coming in a big group. The centre welcomes visitors to the National Elephant Conservation Centre with the aim of being educated and outdoor experience on elephant conservartion
Merapoh Trail Map of Gunung Tahan

Gunung Tahan the highest peak in Peninsular Malaysia (2187m)
Gunung Tahan is the highest peak in Peninsular Malaysia (2,187m), located in Taman Negara is one of the most challenging mountains to climb. It’s about 53km from Kampung Kuala Tahan, Jerantut or 32km Kuala Juram, Merapoh. The trek requires you to be mentally and physically fit. Medical check up and sufficient trainings prior to the trekking are important to accomplish your expedition plan. Be prepared and enjoy your thrilling nature journey!

There are 3 popular trails/route for you to reach the summit. They are: -
1. Sungai Relau – Gunung Tahan – Sungai Relau
2. Sungai Relau – Gunung Tahan – Kuala Tahan
3. Kuala Tahan – Gunung Tahan – Sungai Relau

National Park is under jurisdiction of Department Of Wildlife And National Parks , Malaysia.  In Taman Negara, the Wildlife HQ is located at the main entrance to the park within Mutiara Taman Negara Resort.
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