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"Sesungguhnya ini benar-benar pemberian KAMI
yang tidak ada baginya sebarang penghabisan"
{surah Sad 38:54}
smart people choose adventure
..Teambuilding Malaysia Adventure
"kami membantu syarikat swasta atau kerajaan
universiti atau kolej, pegawai atau peserta
menjalin hubungan mesra dan gembira sambil LALALA
membina terapi endorfin membunuh stereoid berlebihan
akibat tekanan kerja melampau
dengan merealisasika dan menzahirkan
empat asas unsur insani secara semulajadi
yang dirumuskan di dalam model pembentukan pasukan
dan digariskan melalui panduan
7 prinsip Kejayaan Kehidupan Alquran dan Sunnah"
Jurulatih Rekreasi Kebangsaan (Outdoor Coach)
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..Teambuilding Irwan Md Azahar
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"smart people choose adventure"
Treasure Hunt Expert
Team Building Treasure Hunt
  car intercity treasure hunt

   amusing race in langkawi
   adventure explorace at Janda Baik
   our fear task in adventure explorace
    city walk hunt in Tanah Rata
taste task in amusing race at Bukit Cerakah

Teambuilding Adventure List Of Treasure Hunt
If you are a fan of treasure hunt games, this game is definitely for you! 
1. Adventure Explorace | Treasure Hunt | Amusing Race | Bounty Hunt
A treasure hunt or adventure explorace is one of many different types of games which can have one or more players who try to find hidden articles, locations or places by using a series of clues. Treasure hunt games may be an indoor or outdoor activity. Outdoors they can be played in a garden or the treasure could be located anywhere around the world.
Treasure trails are a variation on the theme of a treasure hunt in which participants follow a set of directions and discover clues to help solve a puzzle en route. Trails may be on foot or use vehicles including public transport. They may follow circular routes or be linear in nature
2. Monorail Hunt 
3. Hotel Based Treasure Hunt Explorace
4. City Walk Hunt
It is a treasure hunt on foot whether in a building, around a city, parks of garden etc.
5. Orienteering Adventure Hunt
it is a treasure using a tools such as compass
Orienteering is a sport in which orienteers use an accurate, detailed map and a compass to find points in the landscape. It can be enjoyed as a walk in the woods or as a competitive sport.
A standard orienteering course consists of a start, a series of control sites that are marked by circles, connected by lines and numbered in the order they are to be visited, and a finish. The control site circles are centered around the feature that is to be found; this feature is also defined by control descriptions (sometimes called clues). On the ground, a control flag marks the location that the orienteer must visit.
To verify a visit, the orienteer uses a punch hanging next to the flag to mark his or her control card. Different punches make different patterns of holes in the paper.
The route between "controls" (refers to the flag or the site) is not specified, and is entirely up to the orienteer; this element of route choice and the ability to navigate through the forest are the essence of orienteering.
Most orienteering events use staggered starts to ensure that each orienteer has a chance to do his or her own navigating, but there are several other popular formats, including relays and events in
which the orienteer must find as many controls as possible within a specified time. 

6. Scavenger's Hunt
A scavenger hunt is a game in which the organizers prepare a list defining specific items, using which the participants — individuals or teams — seek to gather all items on the list — usually without purchasing them — or perform tasks or take photographs of the items, as specified. The goal is usually to be the first to complete the list, although in a variation on the game players can also be challenged to complete the tasks on the list in the most creative manner.
According to game scholar Markus Montola, scavenger hunts evolved from ancient folk games. Gossip columnist Elsa Maxwell popularized scavenger hunts in the United States with a series of exclusive New York parties starting in the early 1930s. The scavenger-hunt craze among New York's elite was satirized in the 1936 film "My Man Godfrey."
Notable scavenger hunts include the University of Chicago Scavenger Hunt, the annual Tricadecathlonomania, a 24-hour worldwide event that began in Northfield, MN, and the Monroe NY annual scavenger hunt. Scavenger hunts can easily be played either outdoors (around town, parks, back yards, etc.) or indoors (malls, houses, shops, etc.)
7. Supermarket Scavenger's Hunt
8. Offroad 4WD Adventure Hunt
Similar to an auto treasure hunts but mainly in back country / passing through rough terrain, crossing rivers and slippery road. Drivers are tested for their skills in handling 4WD vehicles while solving clues and following tulip maps. It is recommended to have 4 participants in a car which consist of a driver, a navigator and 2 other on the back seat to look out for clues and answers.
Teams drivers will be tested for their skills in maneuvering the vehicle blindfolded guided by team members instructions through two way radio. Other tasks are basic bridge crossing and vehicle rescue winching.
A map called "tulip map" will be provided upon clock in time or "Start Off" point with @ 8 to 10 clues sheet and a report sheet based on the theme of the hunt and another mystery question besides having to complete tasks at pit stops or check points. The duration of 4wd vehicle treasure hunt will last @ 4 to 9 hours depending on the distance or the difficulty of the clues, report sheet and mystery questions. The distant from beginning to end may take 2 hours for a normal driving but during treasure hunt may take up to 4 hours or more.
We will assist you in organizing driving treasure hunt within Malaysia which includes preparation of route, setting up clue with questionnaires and treasure hunt riddles. Application for approval from Ministry of Transport, Malaysia and relevant authority. Purchase of temporary insurance coverage for all participant only for treasure hunt event as required by the Ministry of Transport before approving the event

9. Car intercity Treasure Hunt
10. Charity Treasure Hunt
Hunt For Treasure
Treasure & scavenger hunts are ideal for away days, team building, corporate events, conference breaks,  school or other reunions and more.
Treasure hunts 
are fun, dynamic and inclusive. We recommend everyone must gets involved. 

Why Choose Us For Your Treasure Hunt?
Because of our experience.
Because we supply treasure hunts to other leading corporate events management companies.
Because of our innovative ideas.
Because our hunts challenge as well as entertain.

Choose A Treasure Hunt When You ...
# have a new team to establish
# have to freshen up delegates at a conference/training

# event - conference break
# want to close a deal by involving your clients and sales force
# have an existing team struggling to overcome personality

# and style differences
# want to reward your employees

We have a wide range of Treasure Hunt venues with ready made treasure hunts programs. If your preferred venue is not in our list,  just call us and we can design a car treasure hunt or on foot treasure hunt to suit your requirements. ...

The corporate treasure hunts are managed by a professional team who have been involved in corporate events planning and delivery for many years - you will have a slick event at which you can take a back seat and really relax into it. Your staff will have a fun time in an atmosphere that is conducive to team building.

  • Teams lie at the heart of corporate success.

  • Profitability depends on team work.

Whether these are management teams, sales teams or the team in the office, you will find effective teams in the most profitable organisations.

But these teams don't just function well internally, they connect with each other - we have seen many companies in which people from different departments hardly speak to each other! And when they do, it is usually through the managers.

So how can you ensure that your workforce is contented, connected and devoted to the company?
Treasure Hunt Among You And Your Organization
The treasure hunt can be arranged at any venue, on foot or by car. We even have a Monorail / LRT treasure hunt! We have established car based treasure hunts in various places in Malaysia plus a great on-foot city walk hunts treasure hunt round Penang, Kuala Lumpur, Kota Kinabalu and Malacca.
Our treasure or scavenger hunts can be written for any specific location and we will tailor them to your exact requirements including start and finish locations.
Astute managers realise that a profitable business needs a motivated staff and will build a variety of regular team building or staff motivational corporate entertainment events and away days into their calendar. So build in at least one treasure hunt per year - you will be delighted with the event and even more delighted with the team building effect..
So whatever your corporate entertainment, team building or conference break needs, please call us or email for a no-obligation quote - you have nothing to lose but everything to gain.
We have corporate away days for a wide variety of clients from many different industries, for example companies offering business insurance, accountancy services, management services, the various banks and of course many smaller businesses and individuals.
The treasure hunt is great too for private individuals and charity organisations. It is  becoming the new generation of stag and hen event, the perfect daytime activity for a weekend 'do'. They are fun, sociable and involve everyone - email your stag or hen enquiry from here.
We do not subcontract out our treasure hunts or scavenger hunts - we produce and deliver them ourselves ensuring you of a top quality event. We are contracted by top corporate entertainment companies to write and deliver their treasure hunts.  
Working on Your Team Building Budget
It is true that team building activities use up a certain amount of cash from a business organisation's current assets. Nevertheless, because these events are vital in building relationship and communication of staff and in motivating employees, finance officers of companies should allocate funds that can be utilised for activities focused in employee welfare
Health Benefits of Treasure Hunts
Do you know that with treasure hunts, you are not only moulding good relationships among your employees, but you are also promoting wellness among them? As we all know, this event requires a great deal of physical activities that serve as a challenge to all participants. Indeed, it only goes to show that anyone who engages in scavenger hunts will be able to get his own dose of exercise.
Imagine all the walking and running involved during this activity. Going from Point A to Point B helps the hunter lose calories and maintain his weight. In addition to that, he will also be able to advance his breathing and enhance his stamina.

Mental and Physical Readiness
Another thing that you should prepare before your big trip is your mental and physical readiness. Take enough rest and get sufficient sleep. Do not go out to hang out with your friends or attend a party until the wee hours of the morning. If you do not want to feel restless and out of sync on the day of your team building, you should bear the aforementioned things in mind
What We Do
Packages for team build, motivation, personal development, communication, workspace training and entertainment, treasure hunt specialists plus new state of the art activities

Our Products - Team building ideas and Corporate Entertainment

We offer an extensive range of options many of which are suitable for all over Malaysia including  Sabah, Sarawak, Brunei and nearest barriers venue and are suitable for any group size from 5 upwards. All or products are designed to be the perfect mediums for all corporate and private requirements - entertaining customers, promoting the launch of a new product or service, celebrating success, boosting team morale, encouraging all aspects of teamwork cooperation and communication, a great occasion for your colleagues or a private celebration. Innovative, inspiring and exciting there is something for all.

Heritage Trail  Treasure Hunt
Team building treasure hunt, the ultimate package at Central Market, Dataran Merdeka and Railway Station, Kl Sentral, Petronas Twin Tower   whilst competing in a thrilling Treasure Hunt.

Walking Treasure Hunt
Team building and corporate treasure hunt activity in Kuala Lumpur, all over the Malaysia  for all objectives.

Footpaths paved with gold? Treasure Hunts on foot are a great way to explore exciting iconic locations both ancient or modern with teams competing in a series of challenges which will keep all fully engaged.

The Classic Red and WhiteTaxi Treasure Hunt
Treasure hunts and competitions for business or pleasure, ideal for international corporate visitors

The iconic Kuala Lumpur Red and White cab, an invaluable and much loved method of transport in the busiest of cities and now your personal method of transport for a treasure hunt! Nip down back alleys and cut across the capital in this exciting Taxi-based treasure hunt! They can turn on a sixpence you know!

Exciting and inspiring spy themed team building challenge suitable for any location. Corporate competition developing new skills, motivation, creativity, initiative, self improvement and performance.

Your mission should you choose to accept it. The ideal activity for any apprentice spies. Teams set out a secret mission to gather data and demonstrate their undercover skills to prove that they have the right credentials to be the next 007, Jason Bourne or M. An inspiring, motivating and exciting event – crack the code to success.

Mobile Phone Challenge
State of the Art Mobile Phone technology for the ultimate range of interactive team building events for any location using the latest touch-screen technology for new ideas for corporate team building

An exciting series of activities for the 21st Century using state of the art mobile phone technology. The phone is the leader – we provide special mobiles which will give you all your instructions and will lead you on a quest for success. Excellent, imaginative and interactive options which are suitable for different locations and venues.

Kuala Lumpur 2012
New spirit, initiative and motivation as Kuala Lumpur 2012 approaches. Discover the excitement of the key locations of the ultimate global event with a team building activity

We offer products from our range with a special theme ideal for companies driving forward to fully exploit and enjoy all the thrilling opportunities moving forward to 2012.

Themed Event
Themed Treasure Hunts; James Bond, Music, Sports, Theatre or TV the possibilities are endless; our products can be tailored to your specific corporate or celebratory requirement.
All treasure hunts can be designed with a special theme for example James Bond 007 or a theme which is specific to your company or group or to reflect strategies, highlight new or key products or objectives.

Events for multinationals
Team building sessions and strategy meetings for multinational companies to establish stronger working relationships. The perfect bonding exercise for a business group competition and fun.

We can tailor all our events for those for whom English is not their first language or can on request provide events in another language.

Treasure Hunt for the Budget Conscious
A limited budget or time restriction? We can offer the ideal economical corporate event whatever the size of your group for team building or celebration.

For those on a limited budget or with less time to devote to an event, but still looking for something enjoyable and constructive for their team or friends. A treasure hunt with a reduced format, but still including all the key elements suitable for all corporate requirements or private groups.

Ghost Bus Treasure Hunt
Treasure hunt in Kuala Lumpur with a distinctly ghostly fun feeling visiting, great for team building and fun in a customised Routemaster Bus!

Haunting and scarily challenging. Explore the dark side of Kuala Lumpur in bus decorated in darkest black. A terrifyingly fun activity and a great option for team building – keep together it may be safer!

Private Party
Private celebration for a special occasion with Action Treasure Hunts! Party entertainment for a corporate event, birthday, anniversary, hen or stag party fantastic fun in Kuala Lumpur

Getting married, special birthday, anniversary or any excuse for a special celebration? A treasure hunt either on foot or in taxis is the perfect way to have a memorable day and with special friends and family. Unforgettable…
Trading Game or Auction Challenge
Suitable for a conference, hotel, office or exclusively hired venue.

Complete in teams to acquire an investment fund and then value a collection of works of art/antiques or a portfolio of property before competing in a genuine auction to acquire a portfolio and discover the reality of profit and losses to discover the winner and losers!

Cookery Quest
Corporate team building activity for the new apprentice master chefs. Source great ingredients, produce fine dining with professional instruction in a competitive environment.

Master Chefs? a must for all budding Jamies and Nigellas. A competition for teams of aspiring foodies to acquire the crucial ingredients and then cook up a storm at a professional cookery school to prepare the winning menu and then enjoy feasting on the dishes you have prepared.

Speed Boat Challenge
High octane thrills! Enjoy the exhilaration of speeding along the Thames in a RIB boat and taking part in a team building challenge to keep everyone fully engaged.

Take a trip in a RIB (rigid inflatable boat) and enjoy an exciting adventure in conjunction with a treasure hunt – great competition and an adrenaline rush.

Country pursuits
Team build brought to you at your hotel or conference venue with suitable grounds. A chance to learn new skills trying a variety of field sports with expert tuition.

A day of exciting and varied activities, which are ideal for team building. There are many fascinating skills to be learned including, clay pigeon shooting, archery, falconry, trout fishing, fly casting, gun dog handling, duck herding and even ferret racing.

It's a Knockout
The perfect activity day packed with fun and exciting challenges. A great summer option for team motivation, bonding or party fun and games.

This event can be held for parties from 20 upwards, usually lasting for about 2 to 3 hours. Events can be held at a venue of your choice, or we can find one for you. A fantastic event, hilarious to play and watch, you'll be rolling around with laughter in next to no time.

Sports Day
The great summer party celebration event or as a team development competition, the sports day is fun, motivating and a great team bonding exercise.

A classic school sports day with all the traditional ingredients. Sack races, tug of war, egg and spoon, three legged races and much more fun and games suitable for all abilities. The perfect day out for colleagues and friends.

Film Makers Challenge
Team building for effective communication skills. A competitive event to design and produce a short film and display key qualities; leadership, inspiration, delegation and time management.

A great idea for frustrated actors, producers, directors and camera crew just waiting for that big break! Make a film commercial in competition with colleagues from your company or even your clients with professional equipment and full technical advice and support.

Conference Management Services
Experienced corporate event organisers, venue finding, hospitality and corporate entertainment for any specification including our own team building products incorporated into the business schedule.

We can co-ordinate all aspects of the conference booking and management allowing the client to focus on the technical content and corporate objectives of the event. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Taxi Treasure Hunt
Follow that cab!

A great option giving teams the opportunity to explore a range of iconic landmarks in a historic or modern location from the comfort of a taxi which in London means the classic Black Cab
call us for designing any kind of treasure hunt
within your area to suit your requirement
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